Exposure & Profit

So in April of 2018, I was invited to take photos at a women's conference in Daytona Beach (Beach Camp). The Beachpreneurs are a group of ladies that meet a few times a year to discuss their entrepreneurial skills, to network, to learn new ways to make money - and also to bond and make friends. I've followed these ladies for years without ever engaging - and man, I wish I'd met up with them sooner!!!

Anyway - the next meeting (which will include people of the male persuasion) is August 10th - 12th at the Atlanta Airport Marriott hotel. If anyone, ANYONE would be interested in joining me, or have questions, please let me know! To sign up, click here. I hope to see you in Atlanta this summer!

People that you'll see/meet there include:

  • Nicole Dean (Coach Glue)

  • Kelly McCausey (Love People+Make Money and Solopreneurs)

  • Michele Scism

  • Jean Lanoue

  • Cindy Bidar

  • Belanie Dishong

  • And more!!!

This is an amazing opportunity to meet people, expand your business, and make some amazingly successful friendships!

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