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What happens when you take a First Class Girl Scout (like an Eagle Scout), send her to college for a Political Science degree, then send her into the accounting and IT world to teach software?

You get a very eclectically educated person that can do a lot of different things. Like write five books, teach music, edit audio & video files, and read at an alarmingly fast rate!

I'm Wanda Bailey - and I make beautifully formatted book interiors and gorgeous book covers.

Are you ready to get your book published? Let's talk!


Roberta Lee Smart
Intuitive Life Coach (UK)

Wanda is my amazing Tech Fairy! I feel so much stronger having her on my team!

Sean Stormes
The Third Door (Kansas City, MO)

We will DEFINITELY work together again. I so very much appreciate Wanda's work, collaboration and patience with me.

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