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Build a Lifestyle Business Around Your Writing Talents

Becoming and being a successful writer isn't just about getting a book published. There's a whole slew of ways to make money before you publish, while you're publishing, and then extending your expertise into other products. Here are some of the fabulous resources and people that I work with, and how I make extra money. 

Keep in mind - just because someone else is doing the same thing that you want to do DOES NOT mean that you can't do the same thing! Seriously!  Niche marketing is an amazingly wide open place to work, let's get you started!

Piggy Makes Bank - Are you writing in a particular niche, and ready to start blogging but don't have time? Try using PLR (Private Label Rights) material! There are a lot of folks that do the writing for you, and you buy articles and publish them, sell reports from them, create products from them - all while you're writing your masterpiece and building an audience! Piggy Makes Bank has a broad range of niche-specific content available. I use them - and so do a lot of other people! Click here to get your first (or next) blog posted in minutes!

Createful Journals - Does your masterpiece include a workbook for your audience? If not - it should (for non-fiction niches)!!! Sue makes some gorgeous PLR journals that are easily editable in PowerPoint. Amazingly easy to create a planner or journal for your tribe!

Color Happy - Are you working in an artistic niche? Check out the coloring pages and books from Color Happy. Rayvyn has a monthly subscription plan that will bring you affiliate commissions month after month to entertain your tribe members. She's amazingly artistic, and her Facebook page is extremely active with coloring dates.

The Girls Mean Business - Do you feel like you're starting from scratch and need lots of help? Check out The Girls Mean Business. They're over in the UK (cool accents) with lots of amazing ideas, especially for cottage industry businesses.

Amazon Associates - Recommend things that you love to your tribe, and earn commissions from their purchases through Amazon. It's not a lot of money compared to other affiliate sites, but it adds to your stream of income. I started as an Amazon Affiliate over twenty years ago!

If you buy stuff from websites on a regular basis - check the bottom of the website company information and see if they have an affiliate program. Recommend the stuff that you love and make money!

CAUTION - Don't go recommending stuff that you've never tried just to make a buck. It's disingenuous and fake. Only promote things that you really love and enjoy, and your tribe will love you for it!!!

I'm adding resources to this page as I can - I'm running three businesses and working full-time, life is fun around my house!

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